Runelogs is a community built, free, not-for-profit service. The only goal of this project is to deliver a useful tool.

This is our monthly cost breakdown:

  • Main server: $20
  • Our main workhorse. It runs both the web server you're reading this page on and the database server that handles all of our data.
  • Update servers: $15
  • 3x tiny $5 servers that each update a portion of the clans.
  • Our domain: $2
  • The name
  • Total monthly cost: $37

To provide full transparency, we upload our last bill each month. You can find the September bill here.

If you like RuneLogs and want to support our cause, you can donate using the PayPal button below this paragraph.

By donating any amount over $5 you will gain access to our private developer Discord server, where we discuss features, work on code and plan the future of the website.